1. What's VIP member?
VIP members are the most valuable and active members for Gemwon Malll. We focus on providing them the most considerate service on different aspects and exclusive privileges all the time. gemwon' satisfied shopping experience is our eternal pursuit. We sincerely invite you to be a VIP.
2. Why I need to be a VIP member?
There are different kinds of privileges for VIP members only, including extra discount, Free Sample, Free Gifts etc. The longer time you are a VIP member, the more discounts you will get.
3. How to upgrade VIP grade?
The VIP grade is upgraded according to your Growth Points. Different price will be offered for different VIP Grades.
Example: 3000 Growth Points = $USD 3000 purchase only.
4. How to increase Growth Points?
The Growth Points can be increased from these activities: purchases, successful reviews, questionnaires and forum interactions. More details are in the blanket below.
5. What are the VIP privileges?
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