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Keyboard packing box, 17inch(Without LOGO) Packaging materials 40*17*5CM 0.08KG(23号)
Keyboard Packing Box, 17Inch(Without Logo) Packaging Materials 40*17*5Cm 0.08Kg(23号)
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Version : Packaging materials
P/N : 40*17*5CM 0.08KG(23号)
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Keyboard packing box, 17inch(Without LOGO) Packaging materials 40*17*5CM 0.08KG(23号)
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I want to buy 35 pcs of this item (KB box) but the shipping cost its to much. Please let me know what your best shipping fee. Also I'm interested to buy large quantities of french canadian keyboard for HP laptops. Let me know what you have in FRE-CAN. Thanks.
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