14 Years'Experience In Foreigin Trade

To create a convenient supply chain to provide high quality products for consumer, serving all international partners.

A Brief Introduction GEMWON

Gemwon.com established in 2004, is a professional Cross-border electronic business platform. Our products include all kinds of items such as trendy digital products, consumer electronics, laptop parts, iPhone& iPad parts, outdoor sports, smart wear, smart home, Led parts, car parts and so on.

Based on Chinese market, that’s why we are providing our customers worldwide with high quality products at low prices straight from China. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, hard-core gamer, student, stay-at-home parent, IT professional, reseller or anyone desiring a comprehensive digital lifestyle, you’ll enjoy shopping with us.

Large Product scale

Shenzhen Huaqiang North is the world's largest electronic trading market, and Gemwon headquartered in the center of Huaqiang North.

More than ten years operation in Huaqiang North, Gemwon has become the central node of the digital product supply chain, connecting thousands of parts factories around Shenzhen.

Our product chain including laptops accessories, mobile phone accessories and smart digital products and we also reserve spot stock for best-selling products.


Cheaper Price

Gemwon works intensively with many factories. And we also have our own foundry, the factory can directly shipped to the customers, save the intermediary fees.

Small orders combined with multiple customers are integrated into large orders to reduce material unit prices.

Gemwon.com and my.gemwon.com provide 24 hour self-service which can greatly reducing the labor costs. And we also regularly provide old customers with our market transaction trend information to let them get the advantageous prices and products.


Efficient and Professional logistics

1000 square meters warehouse, logistics team with 40 people , laptop parts order can delivery in time. Low density cargo orders are shipped by air.

The triple inspection mechanism strictly controls the quality of the goods.

Cooperating with many international logistics companies to provide customs clearance services for the customers.


High-Quality service

Flexible trading mode which also support single delivery.

The needs of individual and corporate customers, diverse and personalized needs can be met. Sales team of 20 person are providing online services with real-time consulting services to the customers.

The gemwon.com and my.gemwon.com websites make it easy for customers to place orders 24 hours.

Our engineers will provide professional technical support when the products are in technical failure. And we also provide our customers with e-commerce website suggestion, SEO promotion services when they need.

The products in my order are relatively fragmentary and contain a wide variety, but Gemwon could always find goods I needed in a very short time. And the price is cheaper than I expected, it saved me a lot of energy and time. Thank you!
Jorge Correa
One time I needed to order 1000pcs laptop keyboards, I asked many factories but they are not willing to make them, they think the quantity does not reach the MOQ. Later, I found Gemown on google, and I received the goods one month later. I thinkI found a good partner.
Tung Nguyen
In the past, if I had to buy a laptop fan, keyboard, or other digital products at the same time, I must communicate with multiple factories to finish the order and I need to pay attention to the product details, it's very tired and consumes a lot of time. However, now I just need to send the order list to Gemwon and pay less money than I used to. By that I can spend more time with my family.
Jeisson Patrick
I have been cooperating with Gemown for many years, ordering almost all laptop accessories in Gemwon. Last year I went to China to travel and visit Gemwon company in Shenzhen. They hosted me very warmly, a very nice group of people.
Andrei Dmitriev